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Team Blogs

     July 15, 2014: New hope for people living with paralysis

     May 16, 2014: The warm heart of Chile embraces TouchDevelop and the Lab of Things

     April 4, 2014: 2014 Microsoft Research Awards for SEIF announced

     February 3, 2014: Lab of Things keeps growing

     October 24, 2013: Students develop analytics engine for the Lab of Things

     July 16, 2013: Lab of Things—the new wave of research-device platforms

News coverage at time of release

     July 22, 2013: Microsoft Announces Lab of Things Research-Device Platform Based on its HomeOS System , Hidden Wires

     July 22, 2013: Microsoft Announces A New Smart Home OS, Archinect News

     July 19, 2013: Microsoft Takes Another Stab at Home Automation, Launches Lab of Things , CE Pro

     July 18, 2013: Microsoft Introduces Lab of Things in HomeOS , I Programmer

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft Moves Forward on Networking Your Home's Things, NewsFactor Network

     July 15, 2013: Microsoft adds a Lab of Things to its HomeOS, ZDNet

     July 15, 2013: Microsoft boosts HomeOS with a new Lab of Things, ALLMEDIANY

     July 15, 2013: Microsoft “Lab of Things” will connect your devices at home, Slash Gear

     July 15, 2013: Microsoft releases Lab of Things, a new research platform to support real-world data in the cloud, The Next Web

Web references at time of release

     July 19, 2013: Microsoft Lab Of Things HomeOS Project For Researchers, Bigarise

     July 18, 2013: Microsoft pushes HomeOS further with Lab of Things, Internet of Things Event

     July 18, 2013: Microsoft pushes HomeOS serve with Lab of Things, though where’s a mobile angle?, Mobile App Developer

     July 17, 2013: Future of Device Automation: Microsoft HomeOS And The Launch Of LOT SDK, Dev Doppler

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft Boosts HomeOS With a New Lab of Things,

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft adds a Lab of Things to its HomeOS, Eight Forums

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft Research launches Lab of Things SDK as part of HomeOS, NewsFactor Network

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft enhances HomeOS more with Lab of Things, C# Corner

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft Brings “Lab of Things” to HomeOS Project, Looks to Connect Devices in Your Home, Wind8apps

     July 16, 2013: Microsoft pushes ‘Lab of Things’ to its Home OS Platform, TECHXETRA

     July 15, 2013: Microsoft boosts HomeOS with a new Lab of Things, Ton Opinion

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