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Getting Started - Introductory Videos

Topic: What is the Lab of Things?
Speaker: Arjmand Samuel

Topic: Demo of the Lab of Things
Speaker: AJ Brush

Topic: Architectural overview of the Lab of Things
Speaker: Ratul Mahajan

Working with the Lab of Things code

Topic: Getting started with the Lab of Things - code overview
Speaker: Ratul Mahajan

Topic: Developing applications for the Lab of Things
Speaker: Ratul Mahajan

Topic: Contributing code to the Lab of Things
Speaker: Ratul Mahajan

Lab of Things Documentation

Getting Started with Lab of Things
This guide covers everything you need to know to get up and running with Lab of Things and HomeOS. In particular you will learn how to set up a Home Hub to try out Lab of Things.

Lab of Things Developer Guide
This document explains the software architecture of HomeOS, and covers useful software abstractions to help you write your own custom device drivers and applications.

Remote Update and Configuration
This document explains how Lab of Things configuration and update functionality is setup. It also provides definition of all configuration files.

Using the Data Storage API
The data storage API enables Lab of Things apps to save data (temperature readings, images from a camera, etc.) to a Windows Azure storage account. This document covers how to set up your apps to exchange data with Azure storage.

Data Stream API Reference
This document provides API Reference for the Data Stream API used for the cloud storage system.