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Research projects using the Lab of Things

The Lab of Things can be used in a variety of research projects, including device prototyping, healthcare, energy management, HCI field studies, etc. The following is a partial list of projects using the Lab of Things. If you are using the Lab of Things for your research, please let us know by sending us as an email. We would love to show case your research project on these pages. Lab of Things is also being used for teaching and class projects. See details here.

SoundChoice: RE:Think Deaf Home Experience

Mentor: AJ Brush, Microsoft Research
Students: Anna Marie Golden, Hadiza Ismaila, Unnati Mehta Dani, Yamini Venkataraman, all from University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Abstract: There are many events in the home that provide information through auditory cues- the beeping of a microwave, the dripping of a faucet, the ringing of a doorbell, or a blaring fire alarm. People who cannot hear these cues are missing this information. SoundChoice, a smart watch system translates sounds in the home to tactile and visual cues.

Evaluating Smart Home Sensor Technology and the use of HomeOS for Monitoring Mobility Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults

PI: George Demiris, University of Washington
Student: Christian Bock, University of Washington and Heidelberg University, Germany
Abstract: This project is a feasibility study of a home based sensor system for older adults. It uses the Lab of Things to collect and analyze sensor data stored in the cloud, and uses a Lab of Things application to give older adults insights into their health status and enable them to share it with their caretakers.

Wearable Multi-Sensor Gesture Recognition in Assistive Devices for Paralysis Patients

PI: Nilanjan Banerjee, University of Maryland
URL: Mobile, Pervasive and Sensor Systems Laboratory
Course: CMSC 691: Systems for Smart Home Automation
Abstract: This project uses the Lab of Things for research into non-intrusive wearable sensors for environmental control. These devices include a fabric based capacitive gesture sensor and a headband with dry textile electrodes. These devices are used to detect specific hand and eye gestures. The gestures are then treated as navigational and control commands for a home automation system with devices such as lights, appliances, and thermostats.
SoftUPS: Virtualizing the home UPS solution to enable efficient peak load sharing in developing world

PI: Affan Syed, FAST-NUCES, Pakistan
Abstract: SoftUPS addresses the chronic gap between energy supply and demand in developing countries, effectively converting a conventional home into a power-aware home which migrates to an ultra-low energy state when the utilities desire the load-shedding event.

Kinect-based intervention for patients with Parkinson's disease
PI: Jeffrey Haddad and Jessica Huber, Purdue University
Award: Microsoft Research SEIF 2014
Abstract: People with Parkinson’s disease commonly suffer from debilitating falls. The issue of falls is particularly complex to understand because of the interplay between balance and cognition. The overarching goal of this project is to develop and test the effectiveness of a home-based training paradigm using the Microsoft Kinect, and the Lab of Things designed to target both the cognitive and balance deficits common to people with Parkinson’s disease.
Sharing of the Internet of Things in Smart Homes
PI: John Stankovic, University of Virginia
Award: Microsoft Research SEIF 2014
Abstract: We envision smart homes to support sensing and actuation as a utility where apps of many different types can run. However, apps are implemented independently giving rise to many potential conflicting dependencies. We propose to extend HomeOS to deal with a sophisticated spectrum of dependencies beyond the current state of art.
Smart Homes/Home Automation projects
PI: Kamil Hawdziejuk, PhD student, Institute of Fundamental Technical Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
Blog: Kamil Hawdziejuk's Blog
Abstract: Kamil Hawdziejuk has worked on several projects in the area of managing and configuring smart homes. He's developed these projects extensively using HomeOS, Lab of Things and Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer.
Scalable Radiator Valve Control for HomeOS
PI: Mike Hazas, Lancaster University
URL: Project Webpage
Supporting User Control of Intelligent Home Systems
PI: Mark Newman, University of Michigan
Abstract: The Interactions Ecologies Group at the University of Michigan is designing Context-Aware Systems for the Home in a number of research studies. The LoT platform is used for connecting with a different sensors.
Intelligent Agents for Home Energy Management
PI: Alex Rogers, Southampton University
URL: Project Webpage
Intelligent and Scalable Monitoring/Control Platform for Home Energy Management
PI: Lanshun Nie, Harbin Institute of Technology
Abstract: Dr.Nie and his students deployed LoT platform in homes to collect environment and energy data from sensors, as well as to actuate home appliances.
SOLACE (Supporting Older Low-ses Adults and their Caregivers Electronically) deployment using Lab of Things
PI: Kay Connelly, Indiana University
Abstract: This project provides guidance to community members, service providers, and governmental agencies about how to wield technology to enable low-SES, urban- and rural-dwelling older adults to age in place. The group is evaluating using the LoT platform to connect different custom sensors for in-home studies.
Our early explorations with HomeOS are documented in a series of student created videos here.