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Academic projects using the Lab of Things

The Lab of Things can be used in a variety of research areas, including device prototyping, healthcare, energy management, HCI field studies, etc. The following is a partial list of researchers using the Lab of Things. If you are using the Lab of Things for your research, please let us know by sending us as an email.

Project title: Lab of Things Analytics Engine
PI: Dean Mohamedally, University College London
URL: Lab of Things Analytics Engine CodePlex site
Blog: Students develop analytics engine for the Lab of Things

Project title: SoftUPS: Virtualizing the home UPS solution to enable efficient peak load sharing in developing world
PI: Affan Syed, FAST-NUCES, Pakistan

Project title: SOLACE (Supporting Older Low-ses Adults and their Caregivers Electronically) deployment using Lab of Things
PI: Kay Connelly, Indiana University
Project title: Supporting User Control of Intelligent Home Systems
PI: Mark Newman, University of Michigan
Project title: Evaluating Smart Home Sensor Technology and the use of HomeOS for Monitoring Mobility Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults
PI: George Demiris, University of Washington
Project title: Wearable Multi-Sensor Gesture Recognition in Assistive Devices for Paralysis Patients
PI: Nilanjan Banerjee, University of Maryland
URL: Mobile, Pervasive and Sensor Systems Laboratory
Course: CMSC 691: Systems for Smart Home Automation
Project title: Scalable Radiator Valve Control for HomeOS
PI: Mike Hazas, Lancaster University
URL: Project Webpage
Project title: Intelligent Agents for Home Energy Management
PI: Alex Rogers, Southampton University
URL: Project Webpage
Project title: Intelligent and Scalable Monitoring/Control Platform for Home Energy Management
PI: Lanshun Nie, Harbin Institute of Technology
Our early explorations with HomeOS are documented in a series of student created videos here.